Flat Feet (Pes Planus) Singapore

FLAT FEET Singapore? Flat feet Singapore is one of the most common conditions encountered by orthopaedic specialist, experienced by about 20 to 30% of the population in the world. Flat feet, also called pes planus or fallen arches, refers to a medical condition in which the arch of the foot flat or flat. All parts of your feet flat on the ground or barely attached.

Pes Planus is a condition in which the arch or instep foot down so that it touches the ground. In some individuals, this arch never develops while they are growing. Flat feet are a common condition in the early growth of the baby. In infants and toddlers, the arch is not developed so that the foot becomes flat. New arch develops in childhood to adulthood.

In children flat feet often cause pain cause is a condition called tarsal coalition. In tarsal coalition, two or more of the bones in the foot work together. This limits movement and often leads to a flat foot.

Most of this problems do not cause pain or other problems. Flat feet associated with pronation, where the ankle bones lean inward toward the midline. Foot pain, ankle pain, or leg pain (especially in children) may be due to flat feet and should be evaluated by a doctor. While in adults can experience this condition when they were aged 60-70 years.

Flat Feet Singapore

Flat Feet Singapore

Symptoms of Flat Feet Singapore

  • The absence of arch of the foot when standing.
  • Leg pain.
  • The heel is tilted away from the midline of the body more than usual.
Flat Feet Singapore

Flat Feet Singapore

Treatment of Flat Feet Singapore

Flat feet Singapore is a pain do not require treatment. If a person feels sick as flat feet, an orthotic (arch support in shoes) can provide relief. However, if the rigid need a doctor’s examination. The doctor will give appropriate treatment after a known cause of flat feet. However, if the pain is still experienced, surgery may be required.

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