Fluid in the knee is a generic term used by people to describe the swelling of the knee or also known as knee effusion. Lining of the knee joint capsule, which wrap around the knee joint, produces fluid that helps lubricate the moving parts of the knee joint cartilage and maintain. Certain diseases and injuries cause excessive joint fluid to be produced. Causes fluid in knee is usually arthritis. When excess fluid accumulates inside or around the knee joint, causing the knee to see red and enlarged, it is called water on the knee.

What are the treatments for fluid in the knee?

Fluid in the knee treatment depends on the cause. It involves treating the underlying condition and swelling. If swelling is very painful, fluid can be aspirated from the knee for fast relief. However, depending on the situation, the liquid can be re-accumulate. Depending on the underlying problem, corticosteroid injections can be given. Also, if infection is suspected and confirmed, appropriate treatment with antibiotics is necessary.

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How To Reduce Knee Swelling?

  • Lie down immediately and take the weight of your knee.
  • Reduce any activity that causes further pain.
  • Apply cold therapy. You can use ice wrapped in a cloth and apply for 15 to 20 minutes every few hours.
  • Elevate the knee above heart level, and
  • lightly wrapped with an elastic bandage. Doing so will help reduce pain and inflammation. Remember not to wrap the bandage too tightly, as this will impede the circulation, and also to remove the bandage before bed.

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