Foot fracture is the destruction of one or more bones in the legs.

The legs are made up of small bones 26. Tarsus is the name of the seven bones that make up the back and middle part of the foot.

The leg consists of five metatarsal bones and a phalanges 14 – two phalanges in the thumb and three in each other. Fractures can occur in any bone bone, but metatarsal fractures are the most common.

The cause of leg fracture The cause of leg fracture is a bone injury, which can be caused by: Autumn; Punch or fall of objects on the feet; Crash; Sharp turn. In addition, when the bone is exposed to stress for a long time, it can form a small crack. This is called stress fracture, and some bones (metatarsal and talus) are at a higher risk for this type of fracture.

Symptoms of foot fracture

Symptoms of foot fracture include:

  • Pain, often severe pain at foot area;Foot Fracture Specialist Clinic
  • Bruises and swelling in the affected area;
  • Numbness in toes;
  • Reduce range of footwork;
  • Inability to walk normally;
  • Deformation of the foot at the location of the fracture.

How to diagnose of foot fracture?

At Foot fracture Specialist Clinic, our doctor will do clinical examination. X-ray will also be recommended. Sometimes CT scan may also be recommended.

Foot fracture treatment

Foot fracture treatment will depend on the location and severity of the injury and include: Installation of broken bone parts in normal position. Sometimes procedures may require anaesthesia or surgery; Position preservation does not move from injured bone before healing and fusion.

Non surgical treatment for foot fracture

Conservative treatment of foot fracture

With simple fractures, the bones can be restored without surgery. You may only need crutches and shoes with hard soles to protect the fracture. On the toes, it may be necessary to apply the tire to protect the injured toe.Fibreglass cast for foot fracture

A more serious fracture may require the imposition of a tire or plaster to repair the bone. To help walk, you need to use crutches. Fibreglass cast or waterproof cast will be recommended depending on the area of the foot fracture. 

At foot fracture specialist clinic, our doctor normally treat foot fracture with air walker for foot fracture or also known as walker boot for foot fracture.

Foot fracture walker boot

Surgical treatment for foot fracture

Operation for foot fracture. In some severe cases, bone positioning, surgery is required. Doctors can use small metal plates with screws, screws or pins to keep bones in a fixed position during healing. At the foot after surgery, a tire or gypsum is applied. To walk, you need to use crutches. As the healing progresses, additional X-ray images will be performed, allowing you to monitor care and avoid more fracture.

The most common foot fracture is metatarsal fracture. Procedure name is metatarsal fracture fixation.

When to start exercise again after foot fracture?

When doctors decide that the bones have grown enough, it is recommended to start exercises to increase the range of movement and strengthen the leg muscles. This may require the help of a physiotherapist. Do not exercise until your legs are fully healed. When healing leg fracture The plus-set and bone of the phalanx can be overgrown in 3-6 weeks, the tarsal bone can heal for 6-10 weeks.

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