Many people always go directly to the masseuse when they experience foot injuries. In fact, it could be an injury which is thought to be just a sprained fracture. Foot sprains and broken bones are both making legs sore and swollen. However, how to handle both is completely different. Broken feet cannot be sorted. This method will actually worsen the condition. If you have a fracture, of course the thing you have to do is go to a orthopaedics. So, how to distinguish foot sprains or foot fractures?

How to differentiate foot sprains or fractures? Foot Sprain VS Foot Fracture

There are several signs and symptoms that you can see to distinguish the two, namely: Foot Sprain VS Foot Fracture

Sign of foot sprains

Generally, sprains occur due to the presence of ligaments (bands that bind between two bones) that are torn, too interested, or twisted, causing pain. Twisted or torn ligaments are caused by pressure and coercion in the joints, for example, after exerting heavy physical activity, falling or accidentally twisting his legs while running.

In addition to pain, other sprained ankles are:

  • Bruises on the dislocated part
  • Swollen
  • Skin discoloration in the sprained area

If this is your case, your feet are just sprained. The treatment is enough to rest your legs and compress the swollen parts using cold compresses. You can also take painkillers if you still feel sick.

Mild sprains only take a few days to recover. The worse the condition, the longer it takes to recover. Maybe it can take weeks.

Sign of foot fracture

Although both cause pain and swelling, but fractures have symptoms and signs that are far different from ordinary sprains. Signs and symptoms of fractures are:

  • When you fall, you feel or even hear the sound of ‘crack’
  • The pain is quite severe, especially if only gently touched
  • Swelling in the broken part
  • Feels numb or numb in a fractured area
  • Bruises
  • Pain when walking and unable to lift heavy loads or support the body’s own burden

You can also use painkillers when you feel very sick. Usually, recovery of fractures takes longer. Generally, around 6 weeks to months, you can just walk as usual.

However, if you are not sure whether you have a sprain or a broken bone, you should immediately see a doctor. Don’t be sorted or massaged carelessly.

What are the consequences if the broken bone is sorted by a masseuse?

If you have a broken bone, massaging the broken part will only make the fracture wider and can cause severe complications that can be fatal. It can even risk losing associated limbs, such as compartment syndrome. By going to a doctor, you will know exactly what happened to you. 0

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