Forward head syndrome (aka forward neck posture) is an extremely common condition. According to our Spine Specialist, Patients often come to me complaining of persistent neck and upper back pain, along with tension-type headaches, and upon examination, the majority of them have this postural deformity.

What causes forward head posture?

Forward head posture occurs when the neck slants forward, placing the head further in front of the shoulders rather than directly above. This head position can lead to several problems: Increased stress on the cervical spine.

Correction for Forward Head Neck Syndrome

Standing and sitting with good posture along with exercises to strengthen your neck may help get you back in alignment. Stretching may also help as neck muscles, in general, can get extremely tight and prevent you from doing your exercises fully. Stretching your neck may also relieve pain. Stretching will be ordered and under supervision of our qualified and in house physiotherapist.

Treatment for Forward Head Neck Syndrome

If your neck gives you a lot of pain, or if you are not sure how to get started with a neck exercise program, consult with your doctor. Your doctor will include a postural assessment as part of your diagnosis because it will likely inform your treatment plan.

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