Fracture Foot? Almost every bone in the foot can suffer broken bones (fractures). Many of these fractures do not require surgery, while others must be repaired surgically to prevent damage settled. The area over the fracture is usually swollen and painful. Swelling and pain may spread to other regions if the fracture soft tissue bruising.

Fracture Foot

Broken bones in and around the ankle most often occurs when the ankle rotates so that the foot is turned out or rotate the ankle outwards. Pain, swelling and bleeding tends to occur. These fractures can have serious consequences if not handled properly. All ankle fractures should be cast. For fractures ankle weight, where the bones are far apart or one stick, surgery may be needed.

Metatarsal bone fractures (bone mid-foot) often occur. The most frequent cause is too much running or excessive use causes stress indirectly. Other cause is the great impact that occurs suddenly. To allow for bone healing, then do mobilizations with hard sole shoes. If the bones are very far apart, may be needed surgery to straighten the pieces of a broken bone.

Sesamoid bone (2 small round bone located at the lower end of the metatarsal bone to your toes) may also experience fractures. Sesamoid bone fractures can be caused by running, walking away and sport (e.g. basketball and tennis). Using buffer pads or special shoes can reduce pain. If ongoing pain, sesamoid bone may have to be removed surgically.

Injuries to the toes (particularly the smaller radius) often occurs, especially when walking barefoot. Fractures simplex on four small toes will heal without the need to install a cast. Do splint toes with tape or Velcro for 4-6 weeks. Hard soled shoes or using a rather large size can help reduce pain.

Usually fracture in toe (hallux) tends to be more severe and cause more severe pain, swelling and bleeding under the skin. Fractures may occur due to hallux toe kicking something or because of a heavy object falling on it. Unnecessary surgery to repair fractures hallux.

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