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When the humerus bone experiences a hard impact, it not only damages the soft tissue but can spread to complications that you must be aware of, including: severe swelling, Damage to the arteries and nerves, A fracture that causes the bone to break out of the skin, Joint inflammation, Change in the structure of the humerus bone.

Fracture Humerus Specialist Clinic

Fracture Humerus Symptoms

When you experience fracture humerus, you can feel the following symptoms, including:

Limited movement of the bones. This occurs due to severe bone pain when trying to move the shoulder or elbow joints.

It can be detected by touching the hand that the bone has changed shape or structure after trauma.

The emergence of unusual and spontaneous asymmetrical movements

The body shakes for a while as a natural signal that the body is calming itself down including spontaneous defense against the condition of the muscles, nerves and other tissues around the affected body.

There is a warm effect on the affected area and a gentle pulsation occurs as a result of the impact that has damaged the soft tissue of the bone. Swelling, bruising, and bruising can occur 2-3 hours after the injury.

Fracture Humerus Causes

The most common cause of proximal humeral fractures is a fall from standing, followed by motor vehicle accident and a fall involving stairs. Additional mechanisms include violent muscle contractions from seizure activity, electrical shock, and athletic-related trauma.

Fracture Humerus Treatments

At fracture humerus specialist clinic, fracture humerus treatments include nonsurgically realign the affected bones and immobilise your arm with a sling, splint or cast.

Fracture Humerus Specialist Treatment

If your fracture is severe, you will probably need surgery to repair the fracture.

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