What is Shin Splint (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)?

Shin splint is the symptom of pain over the front of the tibial bone.

Tibial Stress Injury - Shin Splints Injury

Shin Splints Injury

What Are The Causes Of Shin Splint?

Shin splints are normally due to overuse. When the overuse causes irritation to the tendons and the attachment of these tendons to the bone, the condition is called medial tibial stress syndrome. It is commonly seen in athletes who suddenly increase their duration or intensity of training.

What Do Shin Splints Feel Like?

Shin splints cause dull, aching pain in the front of the lower leg. Some people feel it only during exercise; others, when they’ve stopped exercising. Sometimes, the pain is constant.

Depending on the exact cause, the pain may be located along either side of the shinbone or in the muscles. The area may be painful to the touch. Swollen muscles can sometimes irritate the nerves in the feet, causing them to feel weak or numb.

To diagnose shin splints, your doctor will give you a thorough physical exam. He or she may want to see you run to look for problems. You may also need X-rays or bone scans to look for fractures. Other tests are sometimes necessary.

What Are The Tibial Stress Treatments?

The treatments are applying ice packs or perform ice massage for up to 20 minutes three times a day, take anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by a doctor, or perform rehabilitation exercises regularly e.g. swimming and cycling.

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