Full Squat – Long Term Investment For Your Knee

Full squat is much more superior than half squat. Full squat is much safer for the knees and far more effective for increasing strength and performance of your sport.

Amazing resume full squats do not stop there . Full squat , in contrast to the public perception that once again just based on myth, not only safe for the knee, but also can help improve the health of the knee. It has been proved from the experience of the world of fitness expert, Charles Poliquin, the Canadian national volleyball team training and other professional athletes.

Knee injuries , in the General Branch Volleyball

Charles Poliquin experience began when he was confronted with the fact that almost all members of the Canadian national team has a history of ACL injury or tendinitis ( inflammation of the tendon ) knee with varying degrees, from mild to chronic. However, within 2 months after they switched from full to half squat squats, only one of the team members still have tendinits.

Here is the explanation.

Knee injuries are common for professional athletes involved in sports that is where they should jump plyometric and explosive high as volleyball, basketball, or a gymnast, because basically, the movement is explosive jumping and landing hard resemble half squat movement. By doing this repeatedly, without proper care, these athletes sooner or later have a structure quadriceps (front thigh) is not balanced .

What is meant here is not balanced 4th head of the quadriceps muscle ( quadriceps muscle in Latin means head 4 , the rectus femoris , vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and vastus intermedius, has a strength that is not balanced . For these athletes and people who do half squats , vastus lateralis they will be much more powerful than their vastus medialis, vastus medialis oblique mainly (VMO), vastus medialis is part of that circle your knee joints and keep his balance.

This imbalance will increase the risk of ACL injury and inflammation of the tendon ( tendinitis ) in the knee . Therefore, it is important for you to always keep your balance quadriceps muscle structure by training the vastus medialis you, especially your VMO.

Therein lies the advantage than half full squat squat . Research shows that the VMO is activated when you lift weights in squat position fully . With half squats , you will not achieve this position . However , with a full squat , you train your VMO thus help balance your quadriceps muscles and keep your knee health.

So , once again , full squat to prove that he is more superior than half squat . Not only effective in a full squat build muscle , increase strength , and exercise performance , full squats are also effective in maintaining or even improving the health of your knee joint . If you want a healthy and happy life free from pain or knee injury later in life , it’s time to start keeping your knee joint health seriously ! Leave a half squat and do full squats from now on!

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