Ganglion cyst is a tumor or non-cancerous swelling above the joint or tendon sheath (tissue that connects muscle to bone). The most common ganglion are found in the upper part of the wrist, the side of the palm, the base of the finger on the side of the palm, and the top of the fingertip joint.

If a ganglion cyst causes a great deal of pain or severely limits your day-to-day activities, your doctor may drain fluid from the cyst using a procedure called aspiration.

The back of the hands and wrists are most commonly affected. Other sites include the back of the knee (Bakers cyst), ankle, foot, palm and fingers.

The most simple ganglion cyst treatment is ganglion cyst aspiration.

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What is Ganglion Cyst Aspiration?

Ganglion Cyst aspiration is the alternative to surgery. At Ganglion cyst aspiration clinic, our specialist will  is the use of needle to drain the fluid, causing the cyst to shrink. This can relieve the pain caused by the cyst pressing on the nerves in your wrist and hand. But because aspiration drains the cyst but doesn’t remove it, the cyst can grow back after this procedure.

Ganglion cyst aspiration takes less than 5 mins to do.

Having cyst? Increasing pain with movement? Cyst growing bigger? Looking for cyst aspiration? Call ganglion cyst aspiration specialist clinic for an appointment today at 64762106.

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