Before explaining more about treatment ganglion cyst Singapore, let’s find out what is ganglion cyst first. Ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled bumps. It’s not a tumor and not cancer. They generally appear on the wrist or hand and sometimes along the tendons or joints. A ganglion cyst can occur in a short time or develop gradually. Currently, doctors are not sure the exact cause. In most cases, it is not present as a medical emergency. In fact, having a cyst may not need treatment at all if you do not experience any pain. Often, they resolve themselves and go on their own. Moments of medical intervention would be justified is when you experience pain and mobility problems in the joints as a result of the cyst. Some people may choose medical help to remove the cyst for cosmetic reasons. This is done by appointment ganglion or by extracting fluid from the cyst.

Treatment Ganglion Cyst Singapore

Symptoms Of Ganglion Cysts

Common symptoms include a lump round, smooth and firm, around your wrist or joints of the fingers. These lumps may appear fixed in position although it may have some movement when you push against it. Generally, the size of about one-half inch to a little over an inch. Cyst size also depends on your normal activities daily. For example, using more affected joints will lead to more fluid retention. Although the cyst itself is not likely to result in pain, in the fluid can put pressure on surrounding tissue and nerve fibers soft. This can lead to the sensation of weakness, tingling, numbness or pain like.

How To Diagnose Ganglion Cysts?

Proper diagnosis of ganglion cyst is more important than treatment ganglion cyst Singapore so we know what to be done next. So our doctor may perform lab tests and work to help diagnose your symptoms. These measures could include examinations, x ray, aspiration, ultrasound and MRI.

Treatment Ganglion Cyst Singapore

Most cysts do not require treatment ganglion cyst Singapore, however, if the cyst is causing pain or affecting normal joint mobility, our doctor may suggest some treatment such as immobilization aspiration, fluid or perhaps a combination of surgery to remove a ganglion cyst.

Removal of ganglion cyst is more effective way treating ganglion cyst but sad to know there is possibility of recurrence after the removal. Good news the chance of recurring is LOW.

You can also take action to prevent discomfort around the affected area to reduce any repetitive movement in the hands and feet. Also, limit activities that aggravate the pain and symptoms.

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