Good And Bad About High Heels

Almost none of the women in this world who do not like high heels, especially if the model and design of the heels is good  and it must be salivating to see it only. The woman that was wearing it look so sexy and slim because he will grow taller so “confident” and sometimes even intentionally walked sorts mannequin. So there is a “byword” among them when you want to change the appearance, you must know heels. Is that true? Do you the good and bad about high heels?

Good & Bad About High Heels

Good & Bad About High Heels

No!! Indeed there are so many positive side when wearing high heels, especially if deliberately used every day by a certain time. The buttock muscle become harder and a woman will become sexier.

In anatomy, the heel elevated when wearing high-heel, the calf-muscle [gastroc and soleus] alias calf to contract continuously so it is with tendon Achiles, this makes the course the tibialis anterior muscle relaxation almost at the same time, so that the legs will feels sore and sometimes painful. At the same time the gluteus muscles to contract in the same way, resulting in spinal erector muscles to contract chimed constantly so the slack abdominal muscles / relaxation, resulting in hyper-spine lumbar lordosis which will make pain, and derivatives. That new network binding, how about bones and joints?

But whatever it is, we are not in a position to prohibit or recommend, because it is an option. But if you have not experienced it, ask people you know about it hurt at the heels, knees and waist. When you’re experiencing those symptoms, you may contact us.

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