Gout Instant Relief Doctor Singapore

Uric acid disease (gout) is a disease that attacks the joints and tendons due to embedded uric crystals. The accumulation of urate crystals is due to uric acid deposits that gradually form crystals in the affected joint or tendon causing inflammation.

Uric acid has signs similar to arthritis, ie joint pain, especially in the big toe, which then propagate into the leg joints. Generally, people aged 35 years and over prone to the disease.

So what is the gout instant relief doctor Singapore do for gout attack?

As per gout instant relief doctor Singapore, low dose of cortisone injection will be the most effective treatment for the acute phase of gout attack. Apart from the injection, our doctors will prescribe some anti-inflammatory medication and colchicine and allopurinol. This set of treatment will be the most effective way for reducing the gout pain and the gout attack will slowly settle down.

In addition, it is important to have enough rest while you have an onset of gout. Raise your legs and avoid joints that are inflamed from impact. Compressing the joint with a bag of ice for about twenty minutes can also help relieve the pain. Do not over-compress the time and do not stick ice directly to the skin as it may damage the skin.

Although gout can be controlled with drugs and injection, actually people with gout must be on a strict diet against purine triggers. Because the above mentioned drugs and injection are only instant reliever, strict diet control is the utmost important lead to healthy lifestyle. 

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