Gout wrist pain. Did you know that gout can cause wrist pain? And did you know wrist is a part of the body that has quite complex joints? The wrist consists of a combination of 8 small bones from the bones of the forearm to the hand. Of course the condition of the joint is quite complex is susceptible to disorders such as pain or injury.

Wrist pain is a condition of pain in the wrist that is caused by several conditions such as injury to the wrist that includes bones, joints and other tissues.

The condition of pain in the wrist can be experienced by anyone. However, this condition is more susceptible to occur in someone who likes to do physical activity using the strength of the hand, someone with certain diseases and pregnant women.

Gout Causes Wrist Pain

Gout is a disease that occurs due to uric acid levels are too high in the blood. A person who has gout feels pain in the joints in the body, one of which is the wrist joint.

When uric acid levels in the blood accumulate in many joints in a part of the body, the effect is pain. Gout causes wrist pain when uric acid levels accumulate in the wrist joint.

But not only gout, there are several other disease conditions that cause a person to experience wrist pain, such as a condition of trauma. Someone who experiences trauma to the wrist due to falls or sprains can cause pain in the wrist.

In addition, osteoarthritis can cause a person to experience a wrist pain condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome makes a person prone to wrist pain. When several parts of the hand experience the same and repeated movements, this condition usually causes some fingers to experience pins and needles and pain in the wrist.

The wrist can experience cystic disorders. One of these benign tumors can attack the upper part of your wrist or known as ganglion cysts. This condition causes people with ganglion cysts to experience wrist pain in quite a long time.

Gout Wrist Pain Treatment

There are several symptoms that will be experienced by someone who has wrist pain, such as swelling in the fingers, difficulty in grasping an object, the hands feel stiff, and suddenly feel the condition of pain. Not only on the hands, wrists look slightly swollen and more difficult to move.

We recommend that you first overcome the condition of wrist pain so that this condition does not get worse by resting the wrist pain. You can compress your wrist with ice wrapped in a soft towel. Avoid strong pressure on the wrist until the pain gradually decreases.

Appropriate treatment for gout wrist pain will minimize risks so that treatment can be done more quickly. Get it checked today, call or Whatsapp us at 64762106 with our wrist pain specialist.

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