What Is Greenstick Fracture?

Greenstick fracture is a condition where the bones cracked but not completely broken like when someone tries to break a tree branch but the branch is not completely broken. This condition is usually experienced by the bones of children because it is softer and more flexible than adult bones. Usually bone fractures affected children is only bent or curved.

Consequently greenstick fracture is difficult to diagnose because these conditions do not bring up the classic symptoms of common fractures.

The most affected are the bone forearm fractures because each child will instinctively ‘get rid of’ arms in order to capture their body when falling.

What are the causes?

Fractures in children usually occurs when the child fell while playing or engaging in a particular sport.

Symptom & sign of the fracture

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Limbs appear to be bent abnormally
  • In some cases, no symptoms whatsoever

Intense pain and disability as a form of bone fractures in patients rarely found in patients with this fracture. Even difficult to distinguish between a broken limb fractures with soft tissue injuries such as sprains or severe bruising.

Treatment For Greenstick Fracture

Broken bone in a cast that is not interrupted by movement and the broken bone heal by themselves.

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