What is Hammer Toe?

Toes are fixed (rigid) with a shortened positions.

Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

What Causes Hammer Toe?

Main cause of hammer toe is wearing shoes that hurt over the years. Because the toe is longer than normal, excessive shift can occur, sometimes causing ulcers on the top of your toes. Treatment was attempted first is to make sure that the shoes are comfortable and not too injured toe. Any ulcers or other skin irritations treated. Surgery to straighten the toes like hammer toe may be necessary when being loud. Rarely, surgery is needed to straighten the toes.

How To Prevent Hammer Toe?

You can avoid many problems in the foot, heel and ankle with shoes that actually fit.

Here’s what to look for when buying shoes:

  • Adequate finger room. Avoid shoes that makes your toes bend.
  • Eligible low. Avoid high heels will help you avoid problems in the back.
  • Accordingly. Shoes that are bound to give space and appropriate.
  • Comfortable. Choose a comfortable athletic shoes, sandals bound or soft, airy footing with cushioned soles.
  • Not Stuffy. Avoid vinyl and plastic shoes. They make your feet sweat while not breathing.

Additional tips may help you buy the right shoes:

  • Buy shoes in the middle of the day. Your feet are smaller in the morning and the swell throughout the day.
  • Measure both feet. Your feet may not be the same size.
  • Do not assume your shoe size has not changed. The more aged, your shoe size may change – especially the width.
  • Buy and Have those shoes that are only really suitable.

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