Sports Hamstring injury is one that is often experienced by football players. Interestingly (injury really unique?), Most of these injuries are not due to collision or contact with other players, but when players do sprints or acceleration.

WHERE Exactly Is Hamstring Injury?

If you hit a hamstring injury, the most you will not feel any of the symptoms:

  1. paroxysm / all of sudden
  2. extreme pain pain in the back of the thigh
  3. muscles will spasm
  4. bruising and swelling will appear
  5. and that makes crying, feels torn muscles

Sports Hamstring Injury

SO What Actually Happened?

These injuries usually occur because of rapid movement and sudden, such as running, jumping, and stretched his legs. When those things happen, then the muscle fibers that make up the hamstring suffered overstretching (overstretching) and lead to bleeding and bruising.

HOW Long Is The Healing Process For Hamstring Injury?

Hamstring injury level one usually heal quickly, usually football players will return to play within the next week or less. Based on the level of damage, a person suffering from a hamstring injury level two to rest between two to eight weeks. Level three hamstring injury for much longer, it takes more than eight weeks to heal and break at least four months to return to its full.

HOW Is Hamstring Injury Prevented?

Warm-up and warm-down aka actual heating and cooling is very important, but if you want to avoid the risks, we can do stretching exercises in your daily routine, such as hamstring kicks, squats, and lunges. Flexibility exercises can also increase the suppleness of the hamstring, and yoga is a great option.

Fifa himself recommended protocol PRICE (not the “price”) when a player suddenly exposed to hamstring injury (also for other injuries)
P – Protection; protect the injured part
R – Rest; give rest to the injured part
I – Ice: use ice, ice cubes from the freezer, or at least not a wet towel on the injured area to reduce pain and inflammation.
C – Compression; did a bandage on the area to reduce swelling
E – Elevation; elevate the injured part higher than the location of the heart to reduce swelling

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