Hand Arthritis is very common. Arthritis or rheumatism is a collection of diseases that cause pain, stiffness and limitations in joints. Because of its more than 100 types, rheumatism can affect all parts of the body such as wrists, ankles, hands, feet & knees. Because the part that is attacked is important to know more fully about this rheumatism. Because if left untreated, the pain given by rheumatism can create complications for other organs.

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Hand Arthritis Symptoms

Hand Pain

In the early stages, this arthritis will cause a painful sensation when doing activities that use joints such as holding or gripping. This pain symptom may not appear immediately but will be felt by the sufferer after several hours or several days of rheumatism. The time that sufferers often experience is in the morning after waking up. Over time, the cartilage will weaken and the things that hold back the shock from the pain begin to decrease. Thus, these painful symptoms will occur more frequently and can make you wake up at night. This pain can be relieved with rest but it requires immediate treatment before it causes other symptoms.

Hand Swollen

If the joint of the hand is exposed to pressure that exceeds its capability, the hand can experience swelling. This is a sign for us not to use the hand joints continuously.

Hand Deformity

Sufferers can also experience changes in joints. One example of changes that can be experienced by sufferers is Thumb Extension Deformity. This change causes the thumb that is affected by rheumatism to experience disability such as bending or bending.

Feeling like “hot” in the hand joint area

Arthritis-affected joints will also experience a burning or burning sensation when touched. This happens because the hands experience inflammation in the body.

Feels like “cracked” and “loose”

Sensations such as being eroded, crushed or grinding may also be experienced by you. This is caused by the destruction of the cartilage surfaces which create friction with each other. If this inflammatory disease is caused by a damaged ligament, the joint supporting structures may loosen or have an abnormal shape. If it continues, the joint may appear larger than usual (Hypertropic). This usually results from a combination of changes in bone, loss of cartilage and swelling of the joints.

Hand Cyst

If this disease affects the finger tip joints (DIP Joints) there is a chance that small cysts (Mucous Cysts) will develop. These cysts can cause indentation and a feeling of tight pressure on the nail bed of the finger affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

Hand Arthritis Treatments

Hand Arthritis Specialist Clinic treatment include:

Hand Arthritis medications – anti-inflammatory medications

Hand Arthritis Injections – Hydrocortisone injections are used to treat swollen or painful joints, such as after an injury or in arthritis. The hydrocortisone is injected directly into the painful joint. This is also called an intra-articular injection.

Hand Arthritis Splinting – Injection is usually combined with splinting because it can help the affected joints and reduce stress due to overuse of the joints. Splinting is usually done in the early stages, when the joint is experiencing pain and the affected area is still small enough that the hand can still function when used.

Hand Arthritis Surgery – If the non-surgical method fails to relieve your problem then the options for surgery will be discussed by your doctor. This is done with the aim of relieving excessive and long-term pain while restoring function of your hands.

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