The cause of hand tremors at a young age can occur because there is a disruption in the nerves to the muscles which causes the muscles to move more actively.

Have you ever experienced hand tremors when you were about to pour a drink into a glass? Or when you write suddenly your hands shake violently?

Tremors are characterized by shaking hands that cause difficulty writing, drawing and even picking up objects such as spoons are symptoms of hand tremors at a young age.

Symptoms of tremor are characterized by tremors on one side of the hand and potentially affecting the other side.

Tremors do not only occur in the hand area but can also occur in the feet, head and voice. Hand tremors can really interfere with daily activities, physical therapy can be an alternative treatment to increase muscle strength and your control in daily activities.

Hand Tremors Young Age

Causes Hand Tremors Young Age

Hand tremors can occur at any time and are intermittent.

Although hand tremors can occur on their own, there are actually several causes of hand tremors at a young age.

1. Genetic factors

Children of parents who have tremors are at greater risk of inheriting the condition. This factor is the biggest reason for tremors at a young age because the symptoms of tremor due to genetic factors will appear at a young age.

2. Stress

The cause of hand tremors at a young age usually increases when under stress and will disappear by itself when the feeling has begun to calm or stabilize.

3. Worry or panic

When you are panicked or anxious, the causes of hand tremors at a young age will increase but will disappear on their own.

4. Dystonia

Dystonia is a movement disorder caused by the brain incorrectly sending messages causing the muscles to be overactive. This is one of the causes of hand tremors at a young age. This is common even in healthy people. Tremors will go away on their own with rest.

5. Hyperthyroidism

An excess of the thyroid is the cause of hand tremors at a young age but it can go away when the thyroid returns to normal.

6. Caffeine

Caffeine consumption that is too high is the cause of hand tremors at a young age, especially with the rise of coffee at this time. We recommend that you reduce the dose of caffeine if tremors occur after drinking coffee.

7. Use of certain drugs

The use of certain asthma drugs, amphetamines, corticosteroids, and drugs used for certain psychiatric and neurological disorders can cause tremors in the hands. However, it will improve after consulting a doctor regarding drug use.

8. Parkinson’s Disease

One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is tremor of the hands, chin, face and feet. Usually occurs when the patient is quiet and will improve when he starts doing activities

Hand tremor is not a deadly disease, but it can interfere with activities. Tremors that don’t come from an illness can get better on their own. However, if the hand tremor gets worse even while resting, the tremor frequency is too frequent and very disturbing to daily activities. So, it must be immediately watched out because the cause of hand tremors at a young age is a symptom of a disease. Immediately consult a doctor if tremors are accompanied by uncontrolled movements, stiff muscles, abnormal tongue movements and weakness and headaches.

Changes to a healthy lifestyle can make the causes of hand tremors at a young age go away on their own. Such as reducing caffeine consumption, getting adequate rest, and calming the mind so you don’t get stressed.

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