Hard lump on toe usually is corn and callus and commonly found on the upper surface of the smaller toes, especially at the joints or the base of toe.

Thick hard skin / callus is a thickened flat circle shaped skin located below the surface of the lower extremities.

Corn and Callus - Hard Lump On Toe Singapore

Cause Corn and Callus (Hard Lump on toe)

Hard lump on toe Singapore usually caused by friction and pressure often, especially from tight shoes or ill-fitting. Hammer toe and the other toes disorders are often responsible for the formation of corn. Callus often forms under the ball of the foot and the foot fault lies heavy deployment that is not good. Symptoms include a burning sensation or a flat (one time) pain in specific areas. If not treated properly, the underlying tissue can become inflamed and infected.

How to treat hard lump on toe?

Callus & Corn treatment usually requires removal by abrasion with a scalpel. After this procedure, a layer of various forms (eg, felt or moleskin) may be used to relieve pressure from the healing area. Or orthotic inserts that have layers can help.

If the blood supply to the affected area is bad, debridement is not possible. In this case, special shoes that reduce pressure on the affected area may be needed.

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