Many people experience headaches in frequent pitch intensity. So, not a few of them who ignore, and do not know the cause of the headache.

There are 6 type of headaches pain and treatments include Tension Headache, Headache behind the eyes, headache from back of neck or head, dehydratyion headache, migraine and cluster headache. Headache Pain treatments depends on the symptoms experienced and based on the cause, because not all types of headaches can be overcome by taking headache medicine alone.

Headache Pain TreatmentsTension Headache

Tension headache is the most common type of headache. The symptoms of tension headache include constant headaches in both heads, behind the eyes or sometimes the neck. Many feel heads like they are tied up.  Tension Headache can occur due to several things, such as stress, lack of sleep, or hunger. Well, to eliminate it, many people take painkillers. But actually there are other things that can be done. Self treatment for tension headache include lie in a dark and lonely place or put a warm cloth on the forehead or neck. If you still feel the symptoms of prolonged illness, consult our headache specialist, Dr Mathew Tung to find out the reasons behind your headache. 

Headaches behind the eyes

Depending on the level of pain, headaches behind the eyes are also very common. Headaches behind the eyes can be symptoms of some other types of headaches, including tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines, or eye problems. Treatment for headaches behind the eyes depends on the cause of the headache. If you’re not sure what the headache is, try to consult a doctor.

Headache from back of neck or head

The wrong posture can make a sprain neck and upper spine injury. Headache from back of neck or head can cause neck pain. Treatment for headache from back of neck or head is to have posture correction include physiotherapy.

Dehydration headache

Dehydration or lack of drinking can also cause headaches. Under dehydration headache, the brain contracts temporarily, due to lack of fluids and causing headaches. Painkillers may help, but redehydration should be the first choice. No need to drink too much in one gulp. Start by taking a few sips and consuming enough water on a regular basis. Just in a few hours your headache will go away. But if not, there may be other causes, such as consuming too much caffeine or stress.


Almost about 15 percent of the global population suffers from migraines. Migraine is the third most popular disease in the world. If we ever feel migraine, of course can understand the pain that is very severe experienced migraine sufferers. Those who suffer from migraine have headaches that can get worse by movement. In addition to headaches, the sufferer also experiences nausea and is sensitive to light and sound.  Some people experience sensations such as blurred vision or headaches like being stabbed. However, migraine intensity may decrease with age. Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraine, but there are things that can be done to avoid migraine. Self treatment for migraine is to rest in a dark and lonely place, compressing the affected part with ice or warm water. Some medical treatments can also be provided with the help of medical personnel around you. Migraines can be triggered by many things like alcohol, stress, fatigue and certain foods, so try to identify the cause of your migraines if you can. To reduce the risk of migraine, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, apply a healthy diet, and avoid skipping meals. If you still have not managed to treat a migraine, can consult with our Headache Specialist Singapore, Dr Mathew Tung.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache is very painful, intense, and usually occurs for six to 12 weeks. Those who experienced cluster headache used to feel headache in one part of the head. Usually around the eyes or the edge of the forehead. Other symptoms of cluster headache include experienced watery eyes even sometimes flushed, until the eyelids swell and runny nose together. The pain is felt on the same side as the perceived headache. Although many doctors are wise to understand the reason for this headache, cluster headaches are believed to be related to head injuries that have occurred. Just like heavy smokers or heavy drinkers. If you suspect yourself to have cluster headache, please consult doctor as soon as possible. Inform, starting from when to experience, how long and the pain experienced. Unfortunately, painkillers sometimes do not help overcome this headache. However, doctors usually propose specific treatments for cluster headache, ranging from oxygen therapy and other medical measures.

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