Healthy Bones? Quit Smoking!

Healthy Bone? Quit Smoking!

Healthy Bone? Quit Smoking!

Smoking is associated with low bone density in adults , as well as other unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption or static activity . The negative effects of smoking on bone mass are worse because they are usually started smoking when young becoming heavy smokers as adults . The question is, how do I quit smoking ? Consider the following tips are taken from the National Cancer Institute.

Approximately 90 percent of which are trying to quit smoking do so without the help of others . No help , no therapy , or medication . But in fact , many eventually give up in this way . Only about 10 percent are successful in the first experiment .

Try it with behavioral therapy . Come to the experts behaviors that can help you find a more effective way to leave the smoking habit . Experts will identify what triggers you to smoke, and find a way to get out of the ‘ need ‘ it , as well as providing emotional support when you need it .

Another thing you can do is use Nicotine Replacement Therapy . There is a form of chewing gum , which is affixed, inhalers , sprays , and lozenges. This therapy works by replacing the need for nicotine without using tobacco . This therapy is usually performed on those who have been over the age of 18. This therapy is also usually more successful if dikombinaksikan with behavioral therapy is also supported by friend and family.

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