Healthy Exercise for Kids

Sport is an easy and efficient way to improve health and physical fitness of the child . But sports have a risk of injury and can make the body become stressed .

Wear Appropriate Clothing Sports

If your child exercising outdoors , he should wear clothing appropriate to the temperature and humidity in the surrounding air . During cold weather , put the little guy layered clothing . That way his body temperature will rise and he could take her clothes off one by one . At the time of the heat , he should wear clothing that is thin and light colored . For all circumstances not forget to use anti- sun cream . Shoes and socks are also important . Make sure the shoes suitable for exercise. Sports shoes has its own function. Different running shoes for tennis shoes. Also make sure the socks can absorb the sweat so convenient to use.

Use Safety Equipment

According to data from the safety of children in the United States , more than 3 million children suffer from either sweat or moderate injuries each year . The injuries caused by not using protective gear during sports . Make sure your child uses the proper protective equipment for the type of exercise they do. Use the protector , goggles , chest protector shin guards , knee , and safety must be qualified one.

Drink Water

Is a must for children drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before exercise . If exercising in hot conditions they have to drink more and straightened one glass of water every 20 minutes. Shortage of drinking leads to dehydration . Symptoms of dehydration include nausea and lethargy , If you ignore the signs of the body can be very exhausted and could eliminate awareness .

Warm Up

Warming is useful to prepare the muscles and joints of the body . Also useful to prepare the heart that pump blood properly . Children usually warm up more quickly than adults. Simply by running in place and breathing deeply for a few minutes . Then they have to do the movements slowly a few minutes before exercise . It is useful that the body used to the fast movements and loud .

Cool Off

Cooling as important as warm up. Give a couple of minutes for children to slow down the movement prior to actually quit the sport. Wait until the skin dry and the body temperature decreases before he drank cold water or shower.

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