Heel Spurs is the excess growth of bone in the heel.

Heel Spurs Causes Heel Pain

Heel Spurs Causes Heel Pain

Causes Of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs can be caused by excessive withdrawal of the heel bone by tendons or fascia (connective tissue that attaches to the bone).

The risk of developing heel spurs increase in:

  • Feet flat (flatfoot, abnormal flattening of the foot and the angle of the foot)
  • Disease in which the axis of the heel is always to contract so as to give excessive voltage to the fascia.

Symptoms Of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs can cause pain at the base of the heel, especially when the patient walks.

Sometimes a bag of fluid (bursa) formed outside the spurs and inflamed. This is called calcaneal bursitis, which usually causes a throbbing pain and can occur without spurs.

Sometimes the foot to adapt to these spurs so that the pain disappears completely when the spurs enlarged.

On the other hand, the spurs do not cause pain can be a pain after a minor injury, such as after exercise.

Diagnosis Of Heel Spurs

Diagnosis is made by physical examination.

If there are spurs, the emphasis in the center of the heel can cause pain.

To confirm the diagnosis could be X-ray examination.

Treatment For Heel Spurs

The goal of treatment is to reduce pain.

Mixture of corticosteroid and local anesthetic can be injected into the affected area in the heel.

Wrapping with padded heel shoes and using coatings can minimize stretch the fascia and relieve pain.

Shockwave therapy may also be recommended to breakthrough in pain management and mobility restoration. The success rate of this therapy is almost 90%. Some patients are recovered with only one sessions of this shockwave therapy but some patients may need more sessions for severe cases.

Surgery is performed if persistent severe pain always arise when the patient walks despite all the conservative treatments.

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