What is Heel Spurs Syndrome Singapore?

Heel spurs syndrome Singapore are calcium deposits syndrome of excess at the bottom surface of the heel. This condition is often associated with plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation in the plantar fascia (the tissue across the bottom of the foot) due to excessive pressure on the foot. Your doctor will be able to decide that the conditions experienced are heel spurs syndrome to recognize the symptoms and the use of X-rays. The foot problems are very common and can happen to anyone both in adults and children.

Heel Spurs Syndrome Singapore

Heel Spur Syndrome Singapore

Symptoms & Signs of Heel Spurs Syndrome Singapore

The symptoms are very common in people with heel spurs syndrome are:

  • pain in the heel or knife-like sharp objects, especially when getting out of bed for the first time in the morning.
  • Another common symptom is pain or perceived pain while running, walking or even standing.

Causes Heel Spurs Syndrome Singapore

There are many different causes of heel spurs syndrome, but this condition is usually caused by the shape of your foot less than ideal from birth. Another factor that could be the cause of heel spurs syndrome are:

  • Injury to the legs during exercise or other activities
  • The use of improper footwear, particularly shoes that could not give a good strut, shoe size is too large or small and the shoes are long enough and not worth taking
  • Condition in which one leg is longer than the other
  • Running a less than ideal way that ultimately give excessive pressure on the heel bone, ligaments and nerves around the heel
  • Flat Feet (over pronation)

Solutions of Heel Spurs Syndrome Singapore

Our treatments for heel spurs syndrome Singapore are:

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