How do ingrown toenail happen?

How do ingrown toenail happen? Of the various kinds of things that causes of ingrown toenail (ingrown nail), the most common is the wrong way of cutting nails. Nails are cut unevenly or too short, especially at the edge of the nail can cause growth to turn down and piercing skin folds.

How do ingrown toenail  happen?

How do ingrown toenail  happen?

As quoted from HealthDay, cut nails neatly at the foot so that the outcome is tricky. For those who are less elastic or rigid body, the position of the toes that are far below often limit the view and reach of the hand while trying to cut her nails.

Even if some people can reach easily, the condition of the nails in the foot sometimes presents its own difficulties. Nails that grow in the foot is generally thicker and harder making it more difficult to cut with such neat fingernails.

Bad habit of cutting nails can also cause uneven fingernails. Instead of using nail clippers, some people are more accustomed to tearing the nail directly by his own hand or cut with a knife, scissors paper and other equipment improperly.

If the edges are uneven, other factors that increase the risk of nail growth into the folds of the skin is the selection of the lack of proper shoe size. Shoes that are too tight cause excess pressure on your toes, so that the folds of skin at the tip of the nail easily punctured.

Effect of narrow shoe size will be increasingly felt in people who are naturally endowed shape toenails wide, because the pressure will be even greater experience. Similarly, the athletes, especially the frequent sudden pounding feet as tennis and basketball athletes.

Tremendous pressure on the toes is also experienced by people who are walking or even running, though no jerking movements. It is important to note, often tripping can also increase the risk of ingrown toe nails inside.

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