How To Ease Lower Back Pain????

No matter how healthy is your lifestyle, lower back pain or discomfort may just strike to anyone one day without any reason. Statistic showed about three out of four people will experience lower back pain in their lives. May be caused by wrong stretching, lifting heavy objects, a fall, or even practising to hard in the gym. Some people may experience back pain just like that. At some point, some people may just wake from their sleep with back pain.

Our back is a complicated arrangement yet an awesome part from our body. Our back allows us to look down, run, swim, move anyway we like. Like a Swiss-made watch, the top and bottom of the spine relies on small parts in cooperation with the compact. And the slightest disturbance in this section, can cause pain painful.

But not to worry, because there are many ways to deal with pain in the lower back and there is even a way to prevent that pain was back on the attack.

How To Ease Lower Back Pain?

A total of 24 vertebrae are located in the back working relentlessly to support the weight of the upper body. In the middle of the veterbrae bones, artifacts of the spine (spinal cord). Our spine is acting like a telephone network of the brain is to bring the message to all parts of the body. In between each vertebra there are pads that protect a way to reduce shocks. These pads called discs. When the body is busy doing various activities such as carrying groceries or helping a child tying shoelaces, helps provide cushioning discs on veterbrae as protector of the collision.

When lower back pain happens, many of us will rest and lie down. Some experts argue, we should continue doing our activities as usual if we have backache. Activities that could be as simple as a walk around the house or doing daily activities. Most importantly, keep it moving. Stretching and exercising regularly can help speed up healing. Exercise also has a long-term effect is to establish the strength of the spine.

When suffering from back pain, it would be hard to continue activities without some help. Pain medication can help relieve pain, and help you get back on the move. Pain medications including oral medication and/or injection. Physiotherapy may also be recommended.

Prevent Lower Back Pain

From breakfast till bedtime, our spine never stop working. There are some ways you can prevent lower back pain:

  • Keep moving. Activities such as swimming and walking will help increase muscle strength, flexibility, and durability.
  • Control bodyweight. Obese will increase pressure to our spine.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking is believed to affect the delivery of blood supply to disc of the back which may cause it to be more susceptible to damage.
  • Sleep sideway. Lying on side is the best position for our back and minimise the possibility of stiff neck.
  • Sit up straight. Sitting lazily can pull down back muscles and cause pain.

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