Pain in the joints, especially the elbow joint, can occur due to various causes. One thing that can happen is the elbow experiences hyperextension. If not handled properly, this hyperextension elbow can damage the tissue around your elbow joint. In fact, you can get dislocated elbow easily. Hyperextension elbow occur during elbow sprain.

Hyperextension elbow specialist clinic

What is Hyperextension Elbow Specialist Clinic?

Hyperextended elbows occur when the elbow joint moves outside the normal range of motion. In addition to pain, the elbow hypersensitive range of motion is beyond normal, more than 90 degrees of the average elbow motion range. This condition can damage the ligament and elbow bones.

Hyperextension elbow takes several weeks to heal, depending on the severity. This elbow hyperextension can be experienced by anyone but is more common in those who play sports with direct physical contact. People who stumble and fall may also experience this condition.

Hyperextension Elbow Symptoms

What signifies the occurrence of this hyperextension elbow is usually the sound of a pop in the elbow and the elbow immediately hurts. This is what distinguishes hyperextensive elbows from other elbow pain such as tennis elbow. Other signs that can occur are:

  • Pain when moving or touching your elbow
  • Swollen
  • Redness
  • Stiffness
  • Losing power from the arm
  • Hard to move
  • Muscle cramps
  • Depending on the severity of your elbow problem, the more severe it can interfere with blood circulation in the hand

If your elbows also look strange or there are prominent bone fragments on the skin, immediately seek emergency medical help.

Treatment Hyperextension Elbow

1. Rest

In the first few days after injury, avoid stretching your elbows. Resting your elbow can help speed healing. Avoid activities that can trigger swelling in the elbow, such as exercise.

The doctor who will suggest you start when you can move your elbows after being rested. Depending on the severity of the hyperextension elbow that occurs.

2. Ice

Wrap the ice and place it in the injured area. Compress by putting ice water on a small towel or cloth for 10-20 minutes. Do this every few hours. Do not put ice directly on your skin because it can cause damage to your skin tissue. Compressing aims to relieve pain and swelling that occurs.

3. Elbow Brace

Wearing elbow brace can also help to rest your elbow. This can help heal your elbows faster. The doctor will usually tell you how long you need to wear a clamp or when you have to wear a clamp.

4. Medications

5. Hyperextension Elbow Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is done when you are able to move your elbow back and the pain is minimal. Our elbow specialist Singapore will advise you to do light stretches or special exercises to help with recovery.

8. Operation

Surgery is needed when your hyperextension elbow causes damage to ligaments, tendons, bones or other structures on your elbow. Broken or torn elbow joints that usually need to be surgically removed to improve the condition. After surgery, you have to keep your arms quiet for a few weeks, don’t move them. Furthermore, physical therapy is needed to restore elbow function as before.

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