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What is joint lubrications injection?

Lubricant injection is the injection supplement of the fluid to your knee to help lubricate and cushion the joint.

Lubricant injection can address the problem by restoring the body’s own defenses. It works safely and naturally without the need for drugs or surgery and has been proven to be highly effective in relieving pain and restoring mobility in most patients for osteoarthritis (OA).

In Singapore Sports Clinic, we are normally use synvisc or/and monovisc.

How does it works?

Lubrication Injection used by our doctors is made of hylans, which are similar to the natural material found in healthy synovial fluid. During therapy your damaged synovial fluid is removed and replaced with the lubrication injection. This process is called viscosupplementation. The injected lubrication injection absorbs shocks and lubricates – while reducing sensitivity to pain and helping to restore the healthy mobility of the joint.

Joint Lubricantion injectionHow long will the lubrication injection last?

Patients with and early and intermediate osteoarthritis had better results than those with end-stage disease of OA knee.

It should be remembered that this lubrication injection is not a cure for OA and cannot relieve symptoms permanently. Many patients obtain benefit for 6 months to years from a single course of lubrication injection, although benefit gained varies from patient to patient.

Are there any side effect?

No systemic (general) side effects. However, since the lubrication injection is injection directly into the joint, some patients may feel localized discomfort such as minor pain and swelling in and around the knee. Such temporary effects may last for a short period, but will not necessarily stop the lubrication injection from working.

Some patients find that they enjoy relief from the OA knee pain straight after first injection, but the full benefits are usually felt few days after the lubrication injection.

Lubricant Injections is commonly used in:

Osteoarthritis knee,  hip, ankle, wrist, toe, elbow