Knee Joint Replacement? Painful and stiff joints are often a problem which is very annoying for those who enter old age. In fact many of them are high-mash has a zest for life, a healthy body and want to do the activity without the help of others.

For those of you who have aged over 50 years and started feeling pain when squatting or climbing stairs, should be alert to the possibility of joint disorders.

As is known, normal body movements involve three main components namely the bones, muscles, and joints. Bone is the movable part of the body, the muscles contract so the bones move, while the joints are mechanical parts such as hinges that allow the bone to move.

Just like a mechanical system, joints potentially impaired. Joint disorders in those who had aged normally be called osteoarthritis joints that have been damaged, worn and fragile, so it hurts when moved and this is often the joint can be like the hip joint, knee joint and shoulder joint.

There are many causes of joint disorders, including factors degeneration (aging), genetics (heredity), arthritis, infection, injury, physical activity, and obesity.
Less physical activity, for example, rarely move and exercise, as well as excessive equally potentially lead to joint disorders.

Injury can happen to the sport in a relatively high-impact exercises, which joints often clashed violently, for example, the movement of jumping and running. Obesity or overweight is also potentially lead to joint disorders, since joints must withstand a heavy load.

One of the main causes of joint disorders is a process of degeneration and deterioration of cells – cells with age resulting in thinning of the joint cartilage. Depletion of joints due to repeated use, but the “damage” depends on the immune system of each person. Typically, due to degeneration of the joints gangguang this happened at the age above 50 years. How we can recognize joint disorders? Easily is an aching joints and stiffness. However, not all pain can be considered as a serious joint disorders. Pain after exercise or strenuous physical activity, but in the not too long gone can be considered as normal. Joint disorders in the early stages can be recognized from symptoms such as stiff and sore in the morning the ongoing (chronic).

Subsequently, the patient will feel uncomfortable and annoyed when squatting or climbing stairs. Eventually the movement (range of motion) is reduced until it can not move at all. This process can go months – months or even years – years. In the later stages a person will feel sick to perform any movement, sometimes – sometimes accompanied by joint swelling due to fluid-filled joints are abnormal.

Orthopaedic Surgery of Knee Joint Replacement

In Singapore Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic do offer orthopedic surgery like knee joint replacement for joint coating broken with an artificial joint (for hip and knee). Using materials – materials of metal and high-quality plastic. This new joint surfaces resemble those created exactly what we have. Artificial joint has a joint structure like the original knee so that the movement of the joint after surgery could back to normal.

Given joint knee replacement is intended for those who have elderly and impaired joint final stage, the handling is done very careful – careful and follow strict procedures. In the early stages evaluation of joint disorders patients. Further medical history, including the X-ray range of testing motion and other abnormalities in the joints. From the results of the examination, the orthopedic surgeon will determine the best surgical method. In the case of these patients are informed to know things – things that might be encountered, and the results will be achieved. Surgery performed by our senior orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Kevin Yip and experienced anaesthetist.

Joint Knee Replacement is a sophisticated surgery and relatively safe and the success rate is high. After the surgery, the patients are monitored closely. And with a special program pain pain after surgery can be eliminated. Furthermore, patients undergoing medical rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) to strengthen muscles – muscle and joint practice with his new way, until finally declared healthy and can go home. Patients are expected to be able to walk with walking frame the next day or two days after surgery.

Knee Joint Replacement

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