The older a person,the possibility of having knee pain is high. Human knee is the largest which support human weight, working hard for the human body to sustain life better while standing, walking or running.

Knee Pain Caused By Obesity

Knee Pain Caused By Obesity

The pain is often felt in people aged over 30 years, often caused by osteoarthritis, or so-called arthritis. Actually Osteoarthritis commonly referred to as OA can not only occur in the knee, but it’s most commonly affected by OA is a knee joint.

OA was caused by inflammation in the joints resulted osteofit or knob-knob at the end joint connection usually sharp edged, as result of pain while sliding.

OA disease will be worsen if the patient’s weight obese. The excess burden of patients will increase the knee propped friction exacerbate OA.

Other than treating the knee pain through pain relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs,  the patient should be able to control his / her weight to avoid obesity. This can be done by controlling a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regularly in order to control the weight.

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