Knee Pain: Sitting Too Much Causes Knee Pain

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Knee Pain: Sitting Too Much Causes Knee Pain

Activity is too heavy or too light may cause problems in the knee. Another problem is the damage to the cartilage or osteoarthritis.

Playing tennis and running are done too heavy can accelerate the breakdown of cartilage in the knee, as well as too much sitting.

From the results of X-rays, the researchers monitor any change in the right knee cartilage 205 patients over four years. Cartilage in the right thigh and knee joints checked when the study began, and examined again after two and four years later.

Patients studied had aged 45 to 60 years. In addition to the X-rays they are also questioned by administering questionnaires. Most of the patients studied also wore accelerometers to measure physical activities.

The study found too strenuous physical activity associated with cartilage damage greater and increased risk of osteoarthritis. But this also applies to people with very low levels of activity.

The researchers conclude necessary ideal physical activity is ideal for protecting the knee cartilage. Not very active, but not too passive.

Sports such as walking or swimming may be an option, rather than an overly strenuous exercise such as running or tennis.

However, research has not been discussed until an association between physical activity with a knee problem, so it has not been able to prove the existence of a causal relationship in this case.

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