KNEE PAIN In Adults? Symptoms of adult knee pain can be caused by falls, sprains, sports injuries time. Assumed that minor injury then massaged or treated fairly traditional, but if not handled properly can cause knee complex disease later in life, even permanent disability refractory to surgery forward though as the joint fractures. This is because it is not recognized by the patient and is generally thought to be only a sprain usual.

Knee Pain In Adults

If it is known as early as possible with a simple surgery, complex knee disorders can be handled perfectly. Examples with arthoscopy, where the wound is only 3mm width (15cm conventional surgery), minimal bleeding and the patient does not need to stay. If hospitalization is 1 day only. This tool can repair the torn part also benign tumors of the lining of the joints or joint cartilage damage is not too extensive, lifting and diagnose the disease difficult to detect radiological examination.

At this age need to be aware of the pain because of abnormalities in the outside of the knee, for example due to weak thigh muscles, inner knee ligament injury, patients usually complain of pain, especially from a squatting position to standing, climbing stairs or almost fell abruptly because the knee was not powered , with good guidance abnormalities are also easily overcome.

Out other causes of abnormalities in the joints is also impaired in the pelvis or spine (HNP), which can be hit or pinch nerves around the knee, of course, require more complex treatment.

Other causes of overweight and lack of exercise. It is therefore recommended regular exercise. Balanced diet can prevent diseases occur due to uric acid.

Young adults are often found “habitual patellar dislocation” that is easily dislodged kneecap on certain movements, this can be overcome by strengthening the muscles.

People aged over 45 years from a degenerative disease occurs due to damaged knee joint cartilage called the early stages. Patients complain of stiff joints in the morning after a long time with pain in the knee, especially when squatting standing or climbing stairs and ending with permanent pain. Joint motion is limited sometimes force people to not run again even though the condition of the body is still healthy.

This disorder is known as calcification although this term is actually not quite right because in reality there is accumulation of lime in the joints.

The myth that drinking milk or calcium will add weight inappropriately, even calcium should be consumed regularly to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis does not cause knee pain that knee pain can not be treated with calcium.

The cause of arthritis is classified into two major groups, namely primary due to worn or group of joint cartilage resulting from the use, such as tires become thin after a distance of thousands of kilometers

Other causes such injury as a youth that are not immediately addressed, the shape of the foot too O or X, rheumatic diseases and gout, infections and others.

Early Stage of Treatment for Knee Pain

Both primary and secondary damage that is happening at the surface of damaged cartilage, in the early stages of treatment and prevention may include medication, joint injections, physiotherapy, exercise, low impact and arthroscopy surgery.

Later Stage of Treatment for Knee Pain

In further stages needed surgery more complex the surface coating operations joint with an artificial joint. Known as arthroplasty or total knee replacement, this action could solve the stiffness, pain, barriers to movement and straighten the knee bone is bent.

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