Knee Pain Treatment To Address Root Cause Of Knee Pain

Pain in the knee is not to fear but should watch out because generally harmless and easy to handle. Surely we should know when we need to consult this knee pain problem. Some benchmark that can be used is when the pain lasts for a long time, causing barriers to the motion, accompanied by swelling around the joints and pains that arise in the position or movement.

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In brief, the knee is composed of bones, capsule, cartilage, meniscus, ligaments, muscles and nerves, all the parts are working to produce the perfect knee movement. When we look at knee pain can occur at any age. In children knee pain is usually due to the growth of the less than perfect, it needs to be overcome as early as possible so that when they are finished growing or young adulthood, these imperfections are resolved. Disorders that need attention are Chondromalacia the joint cartilage that is less hard, discoid meniscus or form meniscus is not perfect, Osgood Schalter’s disease due to the lifting ligament patella of bone, rheumatic disease in children, the shape knee O or X, benign tumours such as osteochondroma. There are also diseases that need more attention such as tuberculosis also Osteomyelitis due to joint or bone infection. Is a very serious malignant tumors in children that need to be addressed as early as possible because later be fatal if untreated.

In adults the cause of pain in the knee can be due to trauma such as falls, sprains, sports injuries either time conscious or not. Many people consider this minor injuries and quite ordered or delivered in traditional treatment, but certain injuries can be a snowball, which if not adequately addressed will lead to a complex knee disease later in life. Limited knowledge of traditional medicine can also lead to permanent disability tough corrected when it was too late even with sophisticated surgical acts like a broken bone in the joints that are not recognized by the patient and generally just plain mistaken for just a sprain. Conversely, if known early with a simple surgery that does not require a long treatment disorders – complex knee disorders can be handled perfectly. This surgery uses a tool called a arthroscopy, where the skin is only 1 cm width (compared with conventional surgery where the skin was cut along 15 cm), does not cause bleeding and so patients do not have to stay or if necessary, hospitalization is 1 day only. With this tool we can fix a torn meniscus and ligaments are also tumor – a benign tumor of the lining of the joints or joint cartilage damage is not too extensive, lifting loose bodies while also diagnosing diseases – diseases that are difficult to detect radiological examination.

At this age need to watch out knee pain due to abnormal pain not from the knee, for example due to a weak thigh muscles, inner knee ligament injury, patients usually complain of pain, especially if from a squatting position to standing, there should be stronger when climbing stairs or almost fall arrives – arrives as knee was not powered, with good guidance abnormalities are also easily overcome. The cause beyond the other is disorder – an abnormality of the hip joint or spine disorders as well (HNP), which can suppress or pinch nerves around the knee which would require more complex treatment. Sure everyone also understands knee pain can be caused by being overweight and lack of exercise, so it is recommended to exercise regularly and eat balanced, where it also prevents the occurrence of the disease because of uric acid in people who have gout. In young adults we often encounter “habitual patellar dislocation” that are easily dislodged kneecap on certain movements that sometimes – sometimes requiring surgery when conservative way to strengthen the muscles fail to address this.

Knee Pain Treatment For Osteoarthritis Knee

At age more than 45 years began to occur due to degenerative disease of the knee joint cartilage destruction called arthritis. Patients in the early stedium will complain stiff joints in the morning long – long with pain in the knee, especially when squatting standing or climbing stairs and ending with permanent pain and limited movement of joints that sometimes – sometimes force people to not walk anymore although body condition still quite healthy. This disorder is known as calcification although this term is actually not quite right because in fact no pinned lime buildup that causes the myth that drinking milk or calcium will increase the weight of the disease, but the disease is not related to calcium instead of calcium should be consumed regularly to prevent osteoporosis. Further added osteoporosis does not cause knee pain knee pain that can not be overcome by calcium.

The cause of arthritis is classified into two major groups, namely the primary because the joint cartilage is worn or group because worn continuously like the thin tires after a distance of thousands of kilometers or also secondary to other causes such as injury at a young age is not addressed, shape of the foot is too O or X, rheumatic diseases and gout, infection and others. Both primary and secondary damage happen at the destruction of joint cartilage surface, in the early stages of treatment and prevention can be drugs – medications, joint injections, physiotherapy, exercise and low impact arthroscopy surgery.

At a more advanced stage required a more complex surgery that surface coating operations joint with an artificial joint is known as arthroplasty or total knee replacement, this action could solve the stiffness, pain, barriers to movement and straighten the knee bone is bent. The surgical procedure is very popular in developed countries as can improve the quality of life in old age.

All these surgeries can be performed by Dr Kevin Yip, who has special interest in Knee himself and has more than 20 years experience in orthopaedic with satisfactory results and of course in a hospital that that fully equipped in Singapore.

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