Kneecap Injury Treatment Singapore – Dislocated Knee

Kneecap Injury Treatment Singapore. Knee is a remarkable creation. It is durable and vulnerable at the same time. How assembled knee, with the patella (kneecap) virtually “float” in the front along with a relatively large space between the bone involved, the knee depends on the surrounding muscles and ligaments to remain stable and strong. Damage to the knee are common in athletes, and is usually thought to be associated with the bone even though it did not happen. Knee injuries are most often associated with the ligaments, muscles and cartilage that holds it together.

Kneecap Injury Treatment Singapore

According, our knee specialist Singapore, Kneecap injury that was not unusual knee problem source. cartilage and ligaments. Consequently patella surgery is not done as a first-line treatment of most knee injuries. Most minor knee problem and can be effectively handled by a simple home care such as rest and ice. Others may require advanced physical therapy under the care of a licensed therapist. And finally, someone else may be addressed by surgery or other major interventions. But in any case there will be no end exercises to maintain or restore normal range of motion of the knee joint.

Kneecap Injury Treatment Singapore

Kneecap injury treatment Singapore include Patella surgery which is most often performed after severe trauma to the knee such as dislocation of the kneecap hard twist to feet. I’ve seen people in martial arts tournaments sprained their knee while sparring freely. This causes horrendous pain and immediately disabling. It is generally of the type of situation, if less invasive methods do not work, surgery will be performed to straighten and strengthen the kneecap.

Another issue that regularly produces Chondromalacia patella surgery which is a softening or degeneration of the cartilage under the patella. In young people the condition is generally thought to be associated with an injury or excessive force on the knee joint. In the elderly may be a sign of arthritis. People who have previously dislocated knee or other injuries that are most likely to develop this condition. In both cases the conditions hamper the correct alignment of the kneecap.

In Singapore sports clinic, Chondromalacia patella initial treatment may include anti-inflammatory medications and rest for pain relief combined with physical therapy to maintain range of motion of the knee. If the therapy does not work to realign the kneecap patella then surgery may be required. This is usually the last option after all other therapeutic methods. And doctors will not perform the operation if it is determined that the individuals who are very old operation will not solve the problem.

Finally, as a precaution, be sure to practice using the full range of motion with the knee. Strengthening the muscles around the knee is the best protection you have against a knee injury and damage. This, along with good walking posture and good nutrition will go a long way in getting a life full use of your knee.

In any case, be sure to check with your doctor if you experience pain, problems walking straight, or injury to the knee.  If the problem is not treated, it can take what could be improved, and turn it into a chronic lifetime problem.

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