Why Is Lump At Wrist Called Ganglion Cyst?

Be called a ganglion cyst that grows mainly in the joints or tendons. In the area of the joint, there is synovial tissue function produces lubricating fluid to lubricate the joint area. Ganglion develops when synovial fluid is filled with a kind of jell and enlarged nodes and cause a lump. In addition to its chronic trauma to the joint area, a definite cause of ganglion is still a big question mark.

Lump At Wrist Is Called Ganglion Cyst

Lump At Wrist Is Called Ganglion Cyst

What Are The Forms And Symptoms Of Ganglion?

Ganglion can appear on all kinds of joints especially in the wrists and ankles. Ganglion are generally not sick, grow as a localized lump. Ganglion was not the result of an inflammatory reaction that is not found signs of inflammation around it.

How To Cure Ganglion?

Ganglion can sometimes rupture itself and disappeared. When you do not want to rupture, ganglion can be overcome by sucking liquid in it with a large syringe. Generally ganglion taken by surgery. Unfortunately, despite elevated, ganglion can grow again and should be considered a cause that can be prevented growth of ganglion repeated.

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