Lump Behind Knee – Baker’s Cyst

A Baker’s cyst is a sac of fluid defined both in the posterior knee. Type of cyst is also know as a popliteal cyst because of its location in the popliteal (back) of the knee. These cysts contain knee joint fluid that has been pressed out of the encapsulation. This article teaches why cysts develop and medical symptoms you should be aware of.

Baker’s cyst is a very visible sign of visible mass that can be seen as a bulge in the back of the knee or swelling or lump behind knee. This bulge will be very easy to see once individuals are positioned with the knee actually extended. This area will be felt and usually will feel soft or spongy, and may tender or painful. Some people may feel pain or tightness around the knee although others may not feel any pain or discomfort.

Baker’s cyst is relatively typical and may occur due to damage to the back of the knee joint may be associated with the disease or root diseases like arthritis or gout. Some cysts may occur without a recognized cause.

Original analysis of Baker’s cyst is coming from affected individuals because they will most likely observation cyst protruding from the back of their knees. This disease should be evaluated by a doctor. Evaluation can combine physical examination, radiological tests (ie x-ray, ultrasound, arthrogram or MRI scans) and quite possibly blood and / or urine tests depending on the suspected cause.

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Treating Baker’s Cyst

If the cyst is related to the underlying disease, drugs will be focused on the disease. If the cyst is painful or interfere with the activity, medical removal may be required. Baker’s cysts usually resolve outstanding fluid once removed. Joint aspiration or injection of cortisone may be needed.

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