Lumps on hands Clinic Singapore are quite common and can be caused by many things, generally mild and not causing serious health problems. Even so, it still needs an immediate examination, especially if the lump causes discomfort and pain or difficulty moving the hand.

It is important to recognise the various possible causes of a lump in the hand, so that you can take the first steps of examination and treatment. This initial examination can then be completed with a radiological examination and biopsy procedure to determine whether the lump is from a malignancy or not.

Lump on hand Clinic Singapore

Possible causes of a lump on hand clinic Singapore

Ganglion cyst

Lumps on hands can be a symptom of ganglion cysts. Ganglion cysts are cysts that form in joints or tendons, such as the hands, fingers, or wrists. Cysts that commonly appear on the back of the wrist feel like soft bumps like chewy jelly. Although the cause is not known for sure, but this condition usually occurs after an injury to the tendon or joint, also due to ageing. The good news is that ganglion cysts can shrink or disappear on their own, and only require examination if they are painful or uncomfortable. The usual treatment is to aspirate the cyst fluid using a needle or remove the cyst through surgery.

Dupuytren’s contracture

Dupuytren’s contracture is one of the possible causes of a lump in the hand. This condition is characterized by hardening and thickening of the elastic tissue called the fascia which is located between the palm and fingers. The most visible symptom is that the fingers are curved forward. Lumps often felt on the palm of the hand can initially feel soft and pain with the little finger and index finger are often affected fingers.

The causes of diseases that are generally hereditary are not known with certainty. But it is suspected that there are biochemical factors that affect the palate connective tissue. In addition, this condition can be influenced by various other factors such as smoking habits and consumption of alcohol, diabetes, and seizures.

This disease if not treated will cause damage to the bone and skin tissue in the hand. If a contracture has occurred which causes the fingers to bend, the hand will be difficult or even immovable. Therefore, this condition needs to be treated early so as not to develop into disability.

Hand Warts

Small lumps on the hands can be warts that are generally caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts are usually round or oval in shape, vary in size (can be less than 1 mm in diameter or even more than 1 cm), feel hard with uneven surfaces such as cauliflower, and can be only one or several lumps. Although it is harmless and can disappear by itself, warts can last for months, even years. While they remain, however, warts can spread very easily when people pick at them or when they are on the hands, feet or face. 

To deal with warts that are difficult to cure, your doctor may take surgical removal.

Hand Tumour

Lumps on the hands can be tumours, either skin tumors, musculoskeletal tumors, or soft tissue tumours. Even though only 1-2% of the tumours are in the hands that are dangerous, but still need an immediate examination to anticipate the worst possible. Determination of the level of tumour malignancy is assessed from the location, presence or absence of tumour metastasis and spread to lymph nodes, as well as the degree of histological changes or cell form and tissue in sarcoma.

Benign tumors of the hand can also be lipomas, namely fat tissue tumors in the form of soft lumps, painless, supple, and often unobtrusive. These lumps often appear on the back, arms, chest, neck, thighs or buttocks. Although rare, it can also appear in the hand.

When to see a doctor when there is lump on hand?

To determine whether a lump in the hand is dangerous or not, the doctor will search for medical history, physical examination, and investigations such as hand radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, blood tests such as liver function tests, calcium levels, and alkaline phosphatase. A biopsy examination is also important to see changes in the shape of the tissue and cells in the lump to determine whether the lump originates from a malignant or benign cell.

Treatment for lump on hand

At lump on hand clinic Singapore, treatment of lumps on the hands is given based on the cause. If it is caused by a ganglion, lipoma or tumor cyst, surgery will be performed to remove the lump. Dupuytren’s contracture can be treated with corticosteroids to treat inflammation, and surgery if the lump is enlarged or painful. In cases that have caused difficulty moving the hand, physiotherapy is needed to train the muscles and bones to move.

Generally the above conditions are mild. But there is no harm in checking a lump in the hand to anticipate other possibilities that are worse, especially when a lump accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, pain, hands feel stiff or difficult to move, bumps quickly enlarged, palpable heat, weight dropped dramatically without a clear cause , or if you have a history of previous malignancy.

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