Lump on wrist Doctor Singapore

The appearance of a lump on the wrist may be a sign you have a ganglion cyst. Ganglion cysts are considered harmless and can disappear by themselves, but if pain arises, you can perform medical treatment, such as removing a lump liquid with an injection or surgical removal to remove the lump.

According to our lump on wrist doctor Singapore, the lump  can appear in other areas of the body close to joint, so not only happen to wrist only. It’s just that the hands, fingers and wrists, especially on the back side of the wrist, became the most common location of the emergence of ganglion cysts.

This wrist lump arises from a synovial fluid leak so that it collects in a bag and forms a lump. Liquids that have a thick texture like jelly is actually has a function to lubricate and protect the joints or tendons during movement.

How to Eliminate Lumps on the Wrist doctor Singapore from Ganglion Cysts

Lump on wrist doctor Singapore will normally treat the ganglion cyst as follow: 

  • Aspiration or injection of fluid out. This is the simplest and most painless medical act. As for the medical act of aspiration is done by sucking the fluid contained in the cyst using a syringe. Although the aspiration treatment that is usually the main recommendation has been successful, the possibility of cysts re-emerged can not be avoided. For that reason, sometimes this medical act will be accompanied by injection of steroid fluid to prevent the re-emergence of the cyst.
  • Operation. Surgery is indicated when a lump causes pain, tingles, numbness, or interferes with daily activities (especially if the lump occurs in the dominant hand). There are two types of operations that can be done, namely:

    • Open SurgeryIn this type of surgery, the surgeon will perform an incision of approximately 5 cm at the location of the joint or tendon with a ganglion cyst. This procedure called excision biopsy of ganglion cyst. 
    • Arthroscopic SurgeryIn this operation, the surgeon will make an incision with a smaller size. Then a small camera called an artroscope will be inserted into the incision to see the exact location of the cyst. The surgeon will then insert a device on the incision to remove the ganglion cyst.

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