What is mallet finger? This is usually caused by an injury to the tendon (the tendon – is the structure that connects muscle to bone and assist in the movement) that keep the joints last finger in a straight position. There are two opposing sets of tendons (called the flexor and extensor) at the tip of each finger. The first set on the top of a finger to help in lifting the tip (this is called extension movement and hence this group is called the extensor tendons) and second in the bottom of the fingers, it helps in lowering the fingertips (this movement is called flexion and hence group called the flexor tendons and muscles) . Therefore tendon injury that assist in lifting the fingers creating imbalance of power. This leads to sagging of the fingertips. This injury can be seen with bone fragments. Called the extensor tendons involved digitorum.

Mallet Finger is also known as Hammer Finger, Hammer Thumb, Mallet Thumb, Baseball Finger, Dropped Finger, Dolphin Finger.

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Investigating what it takes to diagnose a Mallet Finger?

This is usually a clinical diagnosis and x-ray is recommended to rule out spinal injuries, which may occur as a result of the tendon is pulled out at the insertion point on the bone. In either situation, the treatment remains the same.

What are treatments for mallet finger?

The treatment is to immobilize the affected finger in a special splint.

Splint made of plastic shaped like the shape of the affected finger. It is guaranteed by using tape. This continued for six weeks in the first instance.

In the case of deformity persisted after six weeks of splintage, then splintage may be needed for 10-12 weeks. Patients are advised to remove them only after his hand remained flat on the table, avoid bending at the end and ask an assistant to clean the splint and change the tape on the bottom.

Patients were followed up by an orthopedic doctor at the clinic. Physiotherapy is usually required to complete rigidity.

If the finger is bent during the healing process, the recovery time is delayed.

What are the complications of using special splint for mallet finger?

They include:

  1. Loss of extension
  2. While skin problems
  3. Difficult patient compliance
  4. Refractory bone hammer (where there is a significant piece of bone had come off with a tendon) did not respond to conservative management of cases treated by open surgery if necessary.

When the surgery for Mallet Finger be required?

Surgical repair may be recommended to avoid the hassle of using the special splint (as mentioned in the above). Recovery period will be faster than the splint.

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