What is Mallet Finger?

According to our Mallet Finger Specialist, Mallet Finger is a condition of injury to the finger tendon that results in the tip of the finger not being able to move straight and need help to straighten it.

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Mallet Finger Symptoms

The sufferer’s finger may hurt after injury, and the fingertips will droop. The sufferer can still use his hands. Pain is often associated with fractures

Other symptoms of mallet finger include: reddish, swelling, bruised, softness inability to straighten a fingertip, unless the person using his other hand holds it.

If the nail has also been injured and is detached from the base of the nail or has blood underneath it, it may be a sign of a wound or broken bone.

Mallet Finger Causes

In sports, any direct hit to the fingers of the person who has expanded from baseball (or soccer, basketball, or volleyball) can damage the tendon that straightens the tip of his finger. This is known as an extensor tendon. Other direct impacts, even those of lower strength, can have the same effect. Injury to the extensor tendon will prevent the sufferer from straightening the tip of his finger.

Mallet finger is most common among young men in sports activities. In children, injuries occur more frequently.

Although a hard blow to the tendon is the cause of most mallet finger injuries, sometimes a small force can injure the tendon. Injuries caused by small impacts occur more frequently.

Mallet Finger Diagnosis

Mallet Finger Specialist will be able to diagnose mallet finger by checking the tip of a fallen finger. The doctor will do an X-ray and maybe an MRI or ultrasound to see the extent of the injury to the tendons and bones.

An x-ray will show tendon rupture, bone fracture, and whether the bone is misaligned. Ultrasonography and MRI are more sensitive. Reliable source for imaging bone fragments that may be involved.

Mallet Finger Treatment with NO Surgery

Treatment in this condition is surgical treatment and without surgery. Most cases of mallet finger can be treated without surgical procedures, i.e using splints or dressing performed for 8 weeks or approximately 2 months. The use of this splint aims to realign fingers, with minimal interruption, in the sense that the finger joints should not bend when removing splinting for example when bathing. The more often the finger is bent, the use of this finger splint will last longer.

Mallet Finger Treatment with Surgery

Mallet Finger Specialist may consider surgical repair if there is a large fracture fragment or the joint is out of line (subluxed). In these cases, surgery is done to repair the fracture using pins to hold the pieces of bone together while the injury heals.

Surgical treatment of the damaged tendon usually requires a tendon graft — tendon tissue that is taken (harvested) from another part of your body — or even fusing the joint straight.

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