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What is Metatarsal Bone Injury?

The metatarsal bones are the bones in the leg that are most commonly subjected to fractures or fractures. Metatarsal bone injury occurs when one of the long bones of the middle leg cracks or breaks.

The metatarsal bones are long slender bones that extend from the length of the foot to the base of the toes. In each leg, there are five metatarsal bones. This bone connects the ankle to the toes so that it functions to maintain balance when standing and walking.

Metatarsal Bone Injury Specialist Clinic

Types of metatarsal injury

Metatarsal injuries or fractures can be grouped into several types according to the conditions that occur. Here’s more information:

1. Acute metatarsal injury

Acute metatarsal injuries are usually caused by a sudden, forceful injury to the foot such as dropping a heavy object onto the leg, falling, kicking a hard object while tripping, or from a sports injury. Furthermore, acute injury is divided into several conditions.

Open and Closed Metatarsal Fracture

In open metatarsal fractures, the skin is also exposed to open sores and a lot of damaged soft tissue around the bone. This condition makes external infections to the broken bone more prone to occur.

Meanwhile, in cases of closed metatarsal fractures, the skin tissue does not open. Therefore, the treatment will be faster than an open fracture.

Shift and do not shift

Metatarsal injury in each person who experiences it can be different. Some have dislocated (shifting bones), some are not.

After a fracture, the bone can fall out of place where it should be. This condition needs special care because the bones need to be adjusted and stabilized again.

2. Metatarsal stress injury

Metatarsal injuries are not always fractures, but can also present as fractures. Bone fractures can be one or more small cleavages. This is usually caused by repeated stress on the metatarsal area.

This type of injury will not cause the bones to shift, but it can develop over time.

Metatarsal Injury Causes:

Direct injury to the leg. For example stepping on, kicking the leg, or dropping something on the leg

Twisted. Twisted foot or ankle can also cause a fracture of the base of the fifth metatarsal

Bone shaft injury. This is usually experienced by ballet dancers because the leg twists while landing from a jump resulting in injury to the bone shaft.

Metatarsal Stress Injury causes by:

run long distances, especially while carrying heavy loads

Exercise when you have leg pain

Inadequate footwear,

There are bone and joint disorders (rheumatoid arthritis) or thinning of the bones (osteoporosis)

Have diabetes. People with diabetes may lose nerve sensation in the legs due to neurological problems, causing stress in the metatarsal area

Symptoms Metatarsal Bone Injury

Symptoms in cases of metatarsal bone injury can vary, depending on the type of acute or stress. In acute metatarsal bone injury, symptoms include: When a bone breaks, a sound is produced and is followed by pain around the injured area, Pain will be felt at the point of the broken bone, Bloody fracture, followed by bruising and swelling It is difficult to move the leg, but the pain may subside within a few hours

Metatarsal fractures do not immediately result in difficulty walking. This depends on the location of the broken bone. But walking on a broken leg might make things worse.

Symptoms Metatarsal Stress Injury

Meanwhile, in the case of metatarsal stress injury, the symptoms are characterized by: At first, the main symptom may only be pain in the legs during exercise, No cracking sound appeared, Pain tends to spread and spread in the foot, The pain gradually increases, Along the line of the second or third metatarsal bone feels soft, There is swelling but not accompanied by bruises.

Metatarsal stress injuries can hurt more and more with time as the fractures in the bone get worse. Bones can also become inflamed and cannot bear body weight.

Treatments Metatarsal Bone Injury

Metatarsal bone injury cases will be handled based on the type, severity and which part of the bone is injured. But in general, handling includes the following:

Rest. Resting is an important step that can speed healing of stress or traumatic fractures in the metatarsal bones.

Medications. Medications include pain killers can relieve pain that arises. You can also use ice cubes as a compress for 10-30 minutes to help relieve pain.

Limit footwork. The injured foot needs to be limited in movement first. The injured person may also need to use elastic bandages or special footwear.

Operation. Some cases of traumatic fractures to the metatarsal bones need to be treated with surgery, especially if the fracture is displaced.

Therapy for metatarsal bone injury. Physiotherapy and gradual exercise are also important to treat metatarsal bone injuries. For a quick return to your usual activities after a metatarsal fracture, please consult our physiotherapist at 64762106.

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