Mobile Phone Causes Joint Pain in Children, children joint pain specialist

Mobile Phone Causes Joint Pain in Children

Mobile Phone Causes Joint Pain in Children

Common joint pain in children will be at finger, hand, wrist, elbow.

The children in this modern technological era are familiar with a variety of devices such as smart phones, game consoles as well. They spend hours and hours playing games on smart phones or gaming consoles.

Based on a report in The Sun, the experts revealed that children as young as eight years old suffer from arthritis pain as a result of using consoles and phones. Play for hours with PlayStation and Xbox or use iPhone and BlackBerry constantly causing disturbances usually only seen in old aged patients with chronic rheumatism.

The disease increased as young people repeated many times hand movements to control the game engine for up to seven hours a day on weekends. Conference experts arthritis and rheumatism in London, said the study in the United Kingdom and the United States have shown the movement of the hand and fingers repeatedly created a number of aches and pains in children is unprecedented.

At the annual meeting, consultant EULAR, the European League Against Rheumatism, said nearly 90 per cent of British children aged about eight years old have at least one gaming console. Dr Gavin Cleary, a consultant at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool, told how he had treated a boy with sore arm that has a history of excessive use of PlayStation.

“With the growing number of children using the game there should be consideration for health warnings under the law,” he said. The conference was also broadcast in the U.S. when research has shown children who regularly use their device or phone game for a long time suffered from severe joint pain.

A similar study in children showed that texting regularly, especially those who use the phone like the BlackBerry and iPhone are also suffering from the wrist and fingers.

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