Morton Neuroma: Pain In the Mid Foot (Middle Foot Pain)  caused by damage to the nerves between the toes or damage to the joints between the toes and feet.

Morton Neuroma: Foot Nerve damage

Nerves leading to the bottom of the foot and toes to walk among the bones of the toes.
Pain in the heart of the foot can be caused by a benign growth of nerve tissue (neuroma), which usually grows between the base of the third and fourth toes (Morton’s neuroma), although it can grow between the other toes.
Neuromas usually only occurs in one leg and is more common in women.

Morton Neuroma: Pain In The Mid Foot

Morton Neuroma: Pain In The Mid Foot

Symptoms Of Morton Neuroma

In the early stages, neuroma causes only mild pain around the fourth toe, sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation (heat).
These symptoms are usually more clearly perceived when people wear certain types of shoes.
Along with the development of the disease, persistent burning feeling may spread to toe, regardless of the type of shoes people wear.
Patients can also feel as if his feet are in the heart of marbles or pebbles.

Diagnosis Of Morton Neuroma

Diagnosis is based on history and physical examination.
X-ray, MRI or ultrasound can not definitively identify this disease.

How To Get Rid Morton Neuroma?

To reduce symptoms, usually injected a mixture of corticosteroid and local anesthetic and patients are encouraged to wear shoes.

The injection can be repeated 2-3 times with an interval of 1-2 weeks.

If treatment is not successful, then surgery to remove the neuroma. Surgery will reduce discomfort in the legs, but can cause numbness that settled in the area.

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