Morton Neuroma Specialist Singapore

Morton Neuroma Specialist Singapore

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Definition Morton Neuroma

Neuroma is a term for the thickening of the nerve. Morton’s neuroma is a thickening condition and pinched nerves in the foot are indicated as pain that usually occurs between the toes, especially the second and third or third and fourth. Morton’s neuroma discomfort felt as if we stepped on a pebble or a blunt object.

In some cases, the foot condition causes sharp pain in the front feet, toes were burning or numbness. Morton’s neuroma can occur due to various reasons such as injury, pronation, the metatarsal arch (front leg) are too flat and so forth. Morton’s neuroma solution is to wear a strut to correct the shape of your foot.

Symptoms of Morton Neuroma

Our Morton Neuroma Specialist said, morton’s neuroma usually do not show symptoms of which can be seen from the outside. Some of the symptoms that usually can be felt are:

  • Discomfort such as standing or walking on gravel
  • Burning sensation on the front foot that may radiate to the toes
  • The numbness in the toes area
  • Needle prick in the area between the second and third toes or the third and fourth

Cause of Morton Neuroma

The major cause is the absence of friction or pressure. Friction or excessive pressure can occur in response to irritation or injury to the nerve behind the toes. In these conditions, the metatarsal bones can move and pinch the nerve that lies between the metatarsal heads.

Here are some factors that can cause Morton’s Neuroma:

  • Too often wear high-heeled shoes too, shoe size is too large or too small and the shape of the shoes less comfortable to wear such shoes with very pointy end.
  • Excessive pronation or over-pronation
  • Injury to the foot that can occur during exercise or walking

 Morton Neuromo Specialist treatment

According to our morton neuroma specialist, There are several solutions morton’s neuroma that can be selected include:

  • Medications: Anti-inflammatory and pain relief
  • Injections: Steroid injections will only reduce inflammation and pain for a while, but can not be a permanent solution.
  • Operation: Usually surgery is a last resort to overcome morton’s neuroma. The doctor will take a bump and some parts of the nerve. Operation could result in permanent numbness in the affected toes.

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