Common Football Injuries? Of course, we all loved sports, especially football. What if to see a team that plays beautiful football is something enjoyable.

Common Football Injuries


But sometimes the beautiful game can be less enjoyable  due to any injured players who could make a team game changed drastically.

Common Football Injuries


Unfortunately, quite a lot of players that can be exposed to injury. What injuries are most often experienced footballer? How long is the recovery period of such injury?

Most Common Football Injuries are as follow:

1. Hamstring Injury

This is what we see most often when players run very fast and all of a sudden he was holding the back as he ran limping.

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring muscle is composed of four the semimembranosus, the semitendinosus, the biceps femoris, dancaput breve. One of these muscles are strained, tensions ranging from mild to muscle torn  (usually players heard the ‘tuk’ when one muscle torn).

Hamstring Anatomy

Hamstring Anatomy

This injury occurs when the muscles  “should do sudden explosive movements” like a sprint. Another cause is the muscle was too tired but was forced to work. Because muscle is always to contract, acid levels so high that when it’s “explosive movement, the muscle was shocked and not ready for the pressure.

If you’re having hamstring strain level 1 (mild) players can not play for 2 weeks. Who suffered second degree must be sidelined approximately 3-4 weeks, level 3 (off) to be sidelined 6-8 weeks.

Time-out is to be obeyed precisely because the healing process is not complete then it can go a long injury and chronic pain.

2. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury

Most injuries can end a scourge for an athlete’s career.

The main function of the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is to stop the rotation or velocity of the knee and leg.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury

This injury occurs when the body while spinning or falling, spinning into the upper thigh and lower leg is turned outward. Do you remember Michael Owen’s injury-fitting world cup 2006?

Common Football Injuries

Complications injury is sticking one end in the ACL meniscus. ACL suffered over stretch, stretch excessively, and pull it up off the meniscus of the knee. If the injury is severe enough that the player is hit by double injury (ACL and meniscus) _ rate of recovery require a long time.

After surgery rehabilitation period could total up to 3 months! Absolutely obeyed Patient. In the fourth month, player is allowed to start light training with the ball. After 5 months, players are allowed to practice on the field.  Of course, depending on the physical player himself and in accordance with the protocols of physicians who apply so that recovery can be maximized. However, patient can start stationary bicycle in the third week.

3. Meniscus Injury

Injury to the meniscus is a fairly severe injury. Meniscus is a kind of white bones that helps stabilize the knee when bent sehjingga no sideways movement.

Meniscus Injuries

As previously disclosed, these injuries can occur if the ACL attracted very hard. If the maximum bended knee injury can also occur. the recovery takes 3-6 months.

Swimming, cycling, and bend the knee is a highly discouraged. If the meniscus surgery, the recovery could reach 3-5 months.

There is a possibility of complications meniscus: after meniscus, meniscus cleaned will not grow back. So direct friction between the femur and lower leg bones. Poor blood circulation to the meniscus also cause a slow healing.

4. Muscle Strain

Muscle strain injuries are not severe, but if not handled properly, the strain will continue to be chronic and continuous.

Muscle Strain

Muscles are usually located in the affected calf and thigh. Over stretching can occur in these muscles.

When this injury occurs, muscle stretching should be avoided. If the stretching is still being done it will get worsen. Muscle strains including minor injuries. In 7 days the player can graze again.

5. Patella Tendinitis (Runner’s Knee)

Patella Tendinitis is also often complained of players. This injury often occurs after the player practicing or competing in a tough field.

Wearing wrong sport shoe may also cause this pain. The pain is usually felt at the bottom of the knee. This injury may recover within 5-7 days.

Patella Tendonitis

Stretching should also be avoided. One of the factors that provoke injuries is an imbalance between the quadriceps muscle.

Example: vastus medialis weaker than the vastus lateralis. It makes the Q-angle of pattela causing irritation in the knee.
Consequently be patella tendinitis injury that easily occur in the knee.

Patella Tendinitis is also known as Runner’s Knee.

Runner's Knee

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