Muscle cramp and muscle spasm? Could you be one of those who have experienced it, or even often. Of course this situation will make you uncomfortable and feel disturbed. As a result many temporary activities are delayed. Muscle cramp and muscle spasm itself makes it difficult for a person or person to move on the affected part, for example, like a stiff and immovable hand. You could say cramps are almost similar to numbness. Someone who has cramps cannot feel something for a moment.

In more severe cases, muscle cramps and muscle spasm can occur when someone is swimming. Well, it will be very regrettable if this situation is not immediately helped. If cramps occur when a person is in the middle of swimming, it could make it difficult to compensate for his body and end up endangering lives. This is just talking about cramps, even though there are many types. One of them is muscle cramps that still don’t know much.

Commonly affected muscles include those in the back of your lower leg, the back of your thigh, and the front of your thigh. You may also experience cramps in your:

  • abdominal wall
  • arms
  • hands
  • feet

Therefore an article about the characteristics of muscle cramps is written to provide insight into this condition. Many do not know how this situation befalls a person, whether it is the same as ordinary cramps in general or more disturbing. Some people, and even yourself, are still wondering about the true characteristics of muscle cramps. Muscle cramps often occur when a person wakes up. People who experience muscle cramps will feel one part of their body cramps and cannot be moved.

Generally it occurs in the toes or calf muscles. Based on research from several medical experts, nearly 60% of adults often experience muscle cramps at night. Which can also have an impact on insomnia.

Risk of muscle cramps and muscle spasm

Sudden Muscle Leg Spasm Muscles (When Sports)

For runner athletes, or you might have a hobby of long distance running, it seems you are already familiar with calf muscles that suddenly become stiff. If you continue to feel muscle cramps while at the same running distance, it could be a compartment syndrome. This condition is caused by the dilated leg muscles.

Tight muscle leg cramp and muscle spasm

Muscles that will tighten and last for a while are already uncomfortable, especially those that last long. If you experience something like this until it affects your daily activities, don’t be ignored.

One doctor said if a person has a problem with muscle cramps for a long time, that means something is deteriorating in his body. For example, such as inadequate blood supply which is usually caused by high cholesterol. Not only causes muscle cramps, cholesterol can also be the cause of back neck pain, causes rib pain, causes gout, which can cause blockage of the spinal cord as well.

Swelling, Redness and Color Changing Muscle Cramps

Characteristics of the next Muscle Cramps are about changes in the shape of body parts that experience muscle cramps or muscle spasms. Sometimes muscle cramps are accompanied by swelling, redness, and discoloration of the skin.

This indicates the presence of blood clots in the body. Although these lumps are not too dangerous, but at any time if left alone can break and cause conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

The doctor also warned that women who take birth control pills can cause blood clots to increase. Or you are travelling on an air plane and sitting for a long time.

Feeling hot, tingling sensation, muscle cramp

If you experience muscle cramps accompanied by an extraordinary feeling of heat and tingling, beware. Because, this is one symptom of a herniated disk. This is a condition where there is a disc tucked along the spinal cord causing the spine to hurt.

This situation occurs when all or almost a portion of the soft centre of the spinal disk is pressed along the weak part. This condition can be characterised by the appearance of a burning sensation such as burning a fire in the lower part of the body, especially the most severe is the foot.

Nausea, Vomiting, and Fever and muscle cramp

Muscle cramps accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sudden body fever, there may be serious problems in your body. This condition is usually caused by dehydration which can also trigger spinal events often tingling or spasm of the back muscles.

Muscle Cramps and Muscle Spasm Treatments

When you find the characteristics of this muscle cramping in your body, muscle cramps and muscle spasm treatment method itself depends on the causes of the muscle spasm. Proper check up is required to have more accurate diagnosis for proper treatments.

Prevention of muscle cramps and muscle spasm

Warm up first before doing any daily activities. Exercise in the morning is necessary and highly recommended, because the impact is very good for maintaining fitness and body health. 

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