Muscle Knee Injury (posterior femoral muscle strain, torn hamstring) is any injury to the hamstring, which is located in the back of the thigh.

Hamstring (hamstring) play a role in straightening your hips and bend your knees.

Hamstring weaker than the quadriceps (front thigh muscles).

Muscle Knee Injury

Cause Of Muscle Knee Injury

If the hamstring strength is less than 60% of quadriceps strength, the quadriceps will become stronger and can injure the hamstring.

Symptoms Of Muscle Knee Injury

Usually there will be a sudden pain in the back of the thigh when the hamstring contracts suddenly and with a vengeance.

Treatments For Muscle Knee Injury

Immediate treatment includes rest, ice packs, pressure and elevation.

As long as the muscles are still in the healing process, patients are not allowed to run or jump, but should still jog in place, row or swim.

Once the recovery begins, can do exercises to strengthen hamstring to help prevent recurrence.

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