Neck Pain Causes Headache / Headache Caused By Neck Problem

Cervicogenic headache is a headache caused by a disorder of the neck especially neck vertebrae and discs. The cause of this disorder include: chronic tension, acute whiplash, intervetebral disc disease, and arthritis. These disorders can refer pain to the head, causing headaches. The pain will usually start at the back of the head and worked his way up and forward. treatment of headache types of headaches should begin with pain at the neck. Pattern headaches associated with trigger points in the neck, as well as the discs and joints in the upper cervical spine is well mapped Even headaches located mainly on the forehead, or behind, in and around the eyes is very often painful zone “intended” for pathology that lies behind the neck and at the base of the skull. Suboccipitgal area is the area below the occipital skull head. The joints that connect two or three levels above the cervical spine to the base of the skull handle almost 50% of the total motion across the neck and head area, so absorb the amount of continuous repetitive stress and strain, in addition to bearing the main burden of the weight of the head. Issues such as fatigue, poor posture, injuries, disc problems and neck surgery before they can be complex and the wear and tear on the body. One can also develop a narrowing of the spinal canal itself, which runs through the spinal cord and its nerve roots are all out, leading to a condition called spinal stenosis, is also a possible source of headaches, among other symptoms.

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Neck Pain Causes Headache / Headache Caused By Neck Problem

Cervicogenic headaches come from neck disorders, including anatomical structures innervated by the cervical roots C1-C3. Cervical headache is often brought on by neck movement and / or sustained awkward head position. Many patients also have limited range of motion of the cervix and the one-hand, shoulder, or arm pain that is vague. Treatment of headache types of headaches are directed to treat the causes in the neck area.

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