Neck Pain Due To Wrong Sleeping Position

The fact of not moving during sleep may cause neck pain and feel pain in the neck upon getting up from the bed.

A person may feel nothing wrong upon sleeping the night before. However, neck pain happened only when a person wake up the next morning.

The most common symptoms of neck pain due to the wrong sleeping position are a person may have difficulty turning the neck to left or right, up and down. Slight movement of the neck may increase the pain noticeably. In addition, he could barely see without moving around the head and body.

Neck pain due to wrong sleeping position is also known as neck muscle spasm, neck strain because of wrong sleeping position. Most of the orthopaedic diagnose this condition as wry neck.

The cause of this neck pain in this article is due to sleeping in the same position for a relatively long time and not wrong sleeping position. So the very main reason of this neck pain after sleeping is the unchanged position for hours during sleep time.

The unchanged sleeping position for hours cause the neck muscles must constantly contract on one side of the neck only. So can you imagine the consequences of sleeping at one side for hours without changing the position??? For instance, if we have to walk for many hours, our leg muscles will continue to contract between the muscles. As a result, leg cramp! So, neck pain due to wrong sleeping position is pretty much similar to our leg cramp.

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Neck Pain Due To Sleeping Position

Sleep Position

Why would someone be able to experience ” neck pain due to wrong sleeping position” ? Sleeping position is not the same from one person to another person . There are people who when sleeping barely move and his position remains the same , from going to sleep until wake up. But , there are also people who sleep ” messy”, meaning that when going to bed head is in the east , but the head in the reverse direction when wake up.  Well, people who do not move during sleep are more prone to have wry neck.  While those people who sleep that changed position constantly are less prone to wry neck because the neck muscle is constantly move.

In addition , neck pain due to wrong sleeping position can also occur due to different types of pillows are used . Could be because the pillow is too hard or too high. The pillows were too thick , too hard , or too high will make the position of the head to look up , so inevitably the muscles on either side of the neck would be contracted.

Neck pain due to sleeping position can happen to anyone and at any age , even a child could have. But, in children , the neck muscles are still good and still pliable , making it a rare experience . If the child sleep in the same position constantly, the contraction of the muscle will unlikely to happen. Because the neck muscle in children is more pliable than the adults. While in adults , the neck muscles are no longer pliable because it is thicker , so take the time to relax the muscles.

Without Pillow

Although neck pain due to wrong sleeping position is not life-threatening , but this neck pain still should not be underestimated . Clearly , the patient will feel uncomfortable ( discomfort) . Imagine if during the 2-3 days we can not see and neck pain. Obviously, life will be very disruptive activity , right ? It could be dangerous if this neck disorder occur frequently and persistent because it can lead to pinched nerves , although very rare .

The treatment of this neck pain due to sleeping position is to pain relieve medication and medication to relax the muscles. Can also use some hot pack so that muscles become supple and good blood flow over the affected neck area. Because, at the time of experiencing muscle spasms , blood flow is obstructed . This heating can be done right so pronounced , while taking the medication . Evening should be given some sort of balm for warmth ( relaxation ).

Massage is allowed but it must be very very careful. It should be done with medical advise because massage wrongly to the affected neck may cause to unnecessary further injury. Physiotherapy will be more recommended as this done by those professionally trained people.

Prevention of Neck Pain Due To Wrong Sleeping Position

To prevent this neck disorder, one should not use a pillow that too high or too hard. In theory, it is better to sleep without a pillow because the position of our head and heart are the at the same level. So that the blood flows more smoothly and better blood circulation.

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